The RGB Clock

This is a Javascript prototype of an RGB Clock I made with Arduino, RGB LEDs, and a couple of shift registers.

"Normal" clocks display time in base 10 (that is, digits 1234567890). Nerds often make clocks in binary (base 2 -- just 0s and 1s, or lights that are on or off). This clock uses Red, Green, and Blue instead of numerals (denoting the values of zero, one, and two)

This clock includes the place numbers for the base 3 numbers to help decode/understand the numbers of the clock. It also includes a "normal" 24 hour clock to aid in double-checking the LED display. The real clock will simply be 11 LED bulbs.

Simulated LEDs

Hours 9s 3s 1s
Minutes 27s 9s 3s 1s
Seconds 27s 9s 3s 1s

24 Hour Clock